Stealing the Thought of Happiness

The idea came into existence from my interest to own a water pot plant. After many weeks, I found one that caught my eyes – a veritably modest plant. I placed it on my office desk, which then leads to other motley chapters.

I hate gazing at my laptop for hours in the office. Every so often, I will have tons of paperwork review and writing new policies. Believe me, I don’t work as a writer (which I’ve always wanted to), nor an editor (which I perceived I’m good at). Contrastively, I am stranded in the telecommunication project management field (which I’ve never even imagined saying it).

My ordinary days sensed differently. This time, I have a new plant. Conceding that my eyes and brain are burned out, I will stare at ‘him’. He’s green, he’s awesome, he’s a life-saver; like The Hulk.

I looked at my baby plant and glimpsed around my desk. I felt that I would presumably need to spice up by adding new stuff to switch the lifeless 8-hours atmosphere. Eventually, I rifle through all over my desk and my side drawer.

My colorful materials, at present.

I have the anticipation of visiting the bookstores again to get some new books and other fancy supplies. In such wise, I scan through the net searching for some ideas to re-organize my desk. And I’m glad to discover plenty of creativities, especially from these incredible people: Austin Kleon and Gretchen Rubin.

Turn out, I bought their books, adding new collection of pens and err…another notebook?

Approaching year end, I’m going to grind-and-mix Austin’s and Gretchen’s fascinating suggestion and perhaps making new projects of my own. By all means, I will review and share the aftermath with you guys in my subsequent posts. Things are just started to get intriguing! 🙂

In spite of all, you’d probably got the picture of my weird and lunatic obsession over notebooks (is it similar to collecting stamps?), and these were only half of them:


“Collect books, even if you don’t plan on reading them right away. Nothing is more important than an unread library.” – Austin Kleon

Currently Listening: Passion Pit – Take a Walk

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