My List of Unintentional Things to Learn

I stumbled upon this subject after grazing through some primitive notes and rusty reminders in my phone. In the past year, I have more or less scribbled a countless of random things which I’ve planned to do through the whole of my life. In the long run, these to-dos may be sensibly framed up as things that I wish to learn (or to make great strides).

My perspective was to keep the list as private in the first place. Nevertheless, I’ve reconstructed my brain and decided to share it among others. It doesn’t matter anymore to me whether the list is mortifying or idiotic; whether or not if it’s bizarre or ordinary, insane, or even wicked.

No one is perfect.

To me, in bits and pieces, the list was deliberately for the sake of enjoyment. Attentively, I perceived from the very beginning that some of it may not make any sense due to hypothetical factors for instance: age, financial, health, time, etc. Potentially some could be inspiring, while others may fall under good to learn. Of course, I kept reminding myself there’s no harm to escape, although it’ll be exceptionally incredible if I could master it.

So here’s the list of random things (extended every now and then) that I wanted to learn with no limits and no expected date to accomplish:


  1. Riding a bicycle – or anything with wheels-balancing such as roller blade, skates, etc without falling off (I know this is pathetic)
  2. Park a car – in a perfect angle on the allocated parking spot (I could drive up to 150 – 160 km/h or 100 mph but not this simple thing)
  3. Swimming – the actual lap and not just floating in a pool. I’ve always wanted to do a cliff-jumping / cliff-diving but it’s a risk of life if you don’t know how to swim precisely
  4. Singing while playing keyboard/piano – and also compose a song (an ambitious thought, although I’m already terrible at the first two)
  5. Cooking and baking – Glad to admit that I’ve started to gather some recipes, learn some basics of cooking, and knowing the ingredients when wandering at the supermarket. Obviously there are plenty to learn in this area (more in future posts)
  6. Apple’ functionalities – I’ve had the ‘i-family’ ranging from iPhone, iPad and iPod but have never make full use of its function, or perhaps I’m too lazy (can’t even tell the difference between airdrop and cloud, duh!)
  7. Classify the dinosaurs’ ancestors and types of airplanes – I adored both but don’t ask me why I’ve connected them together
  8. Hair (and make-up) – Ohh well, a girl is always a girl. I’d wish to learn from the aspect of hair-styling and making various types of hair braids and buns (by myself).
  9. Waking up early morning during sun rise (including weekends) – I’d say this is probably the hardest thing to learn. No joke!

Money Matters:

  1. Selling used items – Some sort like a yard sale. I need to learn how to advertise, knowing the market and setting up the accurate pricing
  2. Forex – It’s risky and time-consuming to master (only when you’re ready and willing to take the risk, and of course having the rainy day fund in hand)

Art, Photography, Writing:

  1. Arts – In terms of computer arts and fine arts (it’s ambitious but doable if I have ample time to study the skills)
  2. Writing – Familiarize the industry, participating in a writing community or project and learning to write articles to get published
  3. Photography and editing – Basic knowledge of fine tuning the camera’s setting and lens (I have always fantasized to possess a compact camera like ‘Leica)
  4. Hand lettering – Fond of collecting fancy pens and pencils. Aside from sketching, I’d like to manipulate the utensils by exploring deeper into this.

I’d probably have more in the list; allow me to delve into my old diaries. Speaking of, isn’t it thought-provoking to ultimately see clearly the things that you could possibly learn rather than keeping it buried in your heart?

Feel free to share your list of things you wish to learn 🙂

“I’ll look back on this and smile, because it was life, and I decided to live it”. – Anonymous

Currently Listening: Vagabond – Wolfmother

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