Months in Review: September 2013

Many may have guessed that I’d possibly neglected the blog after being away for a brief period. The actual fact is however kind of true, but it wasn’t particularly my intention. It was the more-than-10-hours pile of office work. It was the time of juggling too many things beyond your control.

At present moment, a pinch of tweak for the monthly review. September wasn’t a superior productive month, but had in turn of interesting event.  I’ll start with the good ones.

The Miraculous Event.

On 22-Sept evening, we stuck around for 2 hours at the Helipad Sepang International Circuit parking lot. Nearly hundreds surrounded the open space area waiting at the entrance gate. Precisely at this point of time, the long wait wasn’t so rigorous, especially when all the exhaustion was drained for The Killers, performing live in Malaysia for the first time ever.

The topmost satisfaction was when we managed to be at the front row. An opening act band, Kyoto Protocol lightens up the stage with their appearances. At about 9:30 PM, The Killers finally started to make their performance. Putting in a nutshell, it was mindfully 4 hours of wait and sweats before we could eventually see Brandon’s face. The band started off with their hit “Mr. Brightside” and greeted us with “Apa Khabar?” (greeting in Malay language which means “How Are You?”). Brandon continuously, without any fail, made hilarious joke throughout the night. At one point, he hailed “Kami Mat Rempit!” It was doubtful whether if his intention was to make us laugh or he was being frolicked for saying something that was unfamiliar to him. Likewise, I would opt for his wish trying to make the night a memorable night for us. And that’s cool.

Assuming that being at front row was phenomenal, how do you describe the feeling of winning something REAL from the band then?

I was disappointed that they didn’t perform my favorite track ‘Indie Rock and Roll’ ; however that feeling wasn’t let down for long. Instead, we were very fortunate to won ourselves a Jim Dunlop guitar pick from Dave Keuning (The Killers’ guitarist)

We left the helipad with free ice cream sometime midnight. The concert was a blast and we had the best time.


The Appealing Goodies.

In September, my desirable things were books. But it wasn’t something that I bought.

I was a lucky subscriber to have won myself a Moleskine Travel Journal from Lonely Planet magazine. I got to admit along with my crazy obsession for notebooks and journals (couldn’t recall if I’ve spoke about this before), this is one of the best I’ve ever had. I knew Moleskine books weren’t cheap, and the plus point for this is its purpose – travelling! An inspiration for me to pen down much more! 😀

(Watch the amazing review of the Travel Journal by Richard Anthony).

And this special Starbucks book was a gift from my bro-in-law. The best part was, it still has the finest coffee stain on it, which makes it more awesome 😀


The down side in September?

Definitely, it was the financial freedom plan. To be honest, it was challenging. These nightmarish debts kept haunting me as always and it can be really exhausting. After all the good moments in September, I decided to leap this into a separate post; just when I have the strength to write about it. Meanwhile, I was doing okay in terms of being financially in control and not going through any major bankruptcy or things like that, although not many things happened as much as I wanted it to be.


On a side note, you’d probably know I have always love writing? Yes, I do have several write-ups in my laptop but I haven’t published it here, since I would need some time to do the editing part (what a lame excuse). Anyhow, they primarily convey about my personal thought towards life and experiences. I’ll share with you in my next couple of post. Have I said like hundreds of times how thankful I am to have such a wonderful and loyal reader like you? 🙂

Photo credit: Yuji Haikal (the birthday boy)


“And I don’t understand why I sleep all day,
and I start to complain that there’s no rain,
and all I can do is read a book to stay awake,
and it rips my life away, but it’s a great escape…” – Blind Melon

Currently Listening: Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll – The Killers

2 thoughts on “Months in Review: September 2013

  1. Ainul Syukry Abd Rahim says:

    The photos that you took look real nice and does not look amateurish at all. The Killers is a cool band, but I only like one song (Guess which one :p ?). Didnt seem worth to burn 300 bucks of my hard earned cash to catch these guys!

    • figurynna says:

      Hello Mr. Ainul The Brightside! 😀

      First of all many thanks and great to have you stopping by here.

      Most of the band photos were captured by ‘the birthday boy’, and I did the editing part. I have to admit that I’m not their hardcore fans either, however I do love several tracks from their old album (not much from ‘Battleborn’ though!). It’s definitely once in a lifetime experience.

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