Months in Review: August 2013

31st August marked the 56th Independence Day (also known as National Day) for our country, a day for celebration of freedom. August was also the month where we celebrated ’Hari Raya’ festival. It was the month of diversified celebrations for the country, disregard inconsequential of celebrating my own.

For August review, I figured to encapsulate what has happened during the month. While for the common monthly plans in pursuance of my 2013 Manifesto, I’d leave that distinctly to my next post since it’s going to be a long-winded review as a whole.

So here’s my August.


Moments – The Awesome & Terrified.

The Terrified.

July was the distressed month of debts, and in some such way it complicates till August. When the Ramadhan month ended on 7-Aug, my constellation went into the deepest and darkest hole. You know when people oftentimes said life is like a roller coaster which has ups and downs? Well I experienced the lows in my August – the most lifeless and ineffective month. None has worked smoothly.

The Amazing.

‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ Celebration (8-Aug) – Also known as ‘Eid Al-Fitr’ in general. It was a splendid moment of joy to be celebrating with both families in Johor.  We dressed up in the prettiest traditional outfit, ate amazing once-a-year delicacies, and express our forgiveness and love among family, friends and relatives.

Ikea Crayfish (16-Aug) – Last minute plan at times turned out amazingly superb. With the help of my sister to purchase the entrance tickets, we managed to take part in the Ikea Crayfish party. A buffet-style party with plenty of food, and of course, loads of crayfish!!


My August Favorite Picks:

My personal pick of the month would be the collection of John Green’s. I went to several bookstores searching for the box set, unfortunately I was out of luck. So ended up I bought separately – more expensive but worth the satisfaction! 🙂

Ohhh well, I couldn’t take the exception to my love for games. In my last entry I was excessively into ‘Dungeon Hunter 4’ until I managed to complete the entire mission in practically a month. In August, I have moved on to another time-wasted MMO game, ‘Star Wars (The Old Republic)’.

My hunky companion was trying to break my whirlwind.

Yea, I realized the game was kind of old (released in 2011), although with the new expansion release, I got hooked to it almost every night. To any SWTOR players (who are still playing by the way), let’s have a drink or two at the ‘Cantina’! 😀

This is me. I was on The Bastion – Empire server every night (GMT +8 time zone), in a guild with a bunch of amazing APAC & Aussie players. Oh did I forget to tell you something? I was, and still on the DARK side! :p


“Those minutes where I am alone, just me and my pillow, I think… a lot. I think about everything, anything. It varies from “What am I doing with my life?” to “did I have homework?” The room is so silent, but my mind is so loud. It drives me crazy because the things I would ever think about, I think about. Sometimes, I hate it because it brings up things I’d rather never think about again. The split second before sleep is the most active second of my life”. – Anonymous

Currently Listening: We Bought a Zoo – Jonsi

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