The Travel Cravings before Your Trip

Preferentially by any circumstances, the minor modification of my blog which presently displays the next milestone of my trip constantly caught my attention (take a look at the main sidebar). Nearly in 2 months time, my next trip to Bali, Indonesia started to exhilarate my adrenaline of excitement; the similar kind of feeling that I had before my last trip to Boracay, Philippines early this year.

As lunatic as it may seem, I have indeed booked another flight ticket to Bali, a week after I returned to home from Philippines. I believe most of you can relate to this eagerness of feeling to extend another vacation from a recent vacation. Notwithstanding, I was fortunate to get the best flight deal during that period.

While writing this post, ‘Eat Pray Love‘ is running in my mind.

Essentially, I love to continue my travelling although I realized that I need to put off several months before the next trip can happen to save some cash; and that also means taking bigger risks to either book a flight one year ahead for cheaper rates, or anticipating for special hotel promotional packages.

During the months (even years) of waiting period and when money became the major constraints, I will have to divert my intense desire, addiction and the passion of travelling by watching travel series, and more of others as listed below:

Watching TV Travel Series.

Switching from hundreds of channels, I will eventually hooked to:

  • TLC Asia – airing variation of series from Travel, Living and Cooking. Heavenly, these triple-combos constituted my long list of favorites:

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations | An Idiot Abroad | Samantha Brown Passport to Europe | Oliver’s Twist (Jamie Oliver) | Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches | Lonely Planet Roads Less Travelled | Sand Masters | Globe Trekker | Now Boarding | Getaway |

… and the list goes on.

  • Summer Home – From the adorable and creative Samantha Pynn, I admired her sense of elegant yet casual and affordable style of interior designing and redecorating the cottage houses. On plus point, the show featured beautiful summer houses in many breathtaking locations which I’ve perpetually dreamed to own, away from the bustling cities.
  • The Amazing Race – Oh well, who doesn’t love TAR? The adventurous reality game show (more like treasure hunting) where contestants compete to race around the world. To me, it’s not all about winning the million dollars, but the tremendous journey of travelling to different countries and experiencing multicultural societies are way priceless.
  • National Geographic – “The places we take you aren’t just on the map”. Seriously do I need to elaborate further? 🙂

With some of these shows that I wanted to watch but it was not aired on our local TV channels:


Reading Travel Books and Magazines.

From ‘Lonely Planet’ guidebook and magazines to ‘Into the Wild’ novel, I demanded more books to appease my travel craving from this awesome book list. Another guilty pleasure is by staring at the World Map every Sunday morning and appreciating the moment of scratching the countries you’ve visited.


Browsing Travel Web Links and Blogs.

From time to time, these are the travel links which has become my browsing routine (I will add more to the list as I can recall):

Malaysia Airlines | Air Asia | Expedia | Trip Advisor | You Planet | MatadorU | Matador Network | Travel 3-Sixty | Going Places |

And my bookmarked leisure reading of travel-related articles:

Journey of Travel Writing:

 Inspiring Travel-Related Writers:

*Update (new addition below):


On the contrary, I also have this delirious obsession (even when I am not travelling):

  • Collecting plenty of Travel Diaries and Journals (most of them are still empty)
  • Reading Travel Quotes and browsing through Tumblr, Pinterest, and Weheartit relatively to travel
  • Buying random travelling items such as travel kits, gadgets and travel bags
  • Searching for best, unplanned travel deals (ignoring the empty pocket)

In spite of all, what about your ways of overcoming your travel addiction while waiting for your next big trip?

“Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.” – Andrew Zimmern


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4 thoughts on “The Travel Cravings before Your Trip

  1. Tanja says:

    Hello! This is my first time on your blog, and I think you would probably like Amazon’s list of books for travellers. Just Google Amazon: around the world in 80 books!

    • figurynna says:

      Tanja, thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it 🙂

      Your recommendation is awesome, I would certainly check it out. To be honest, anything that says ‘around the world’ has already make me feeling EXTREMELY excited! Hehe!

    • figurynna says:

      Hahaha Nicole, you’re absolutely right! It’s addictive! Like coffee! 😀

      Oh wow, you have a great blog there, I’m going to explore all of them. I always love stories about how people change their lives, and I loved the fact that you have the same thought with me about life transition 🙂

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