Being Introverted or Reserved?

From a single perspective, these two words may have similar meaning. Both personality traits at times can be confused with one another; in either way the fact is they both indeed have different meaning altogether:

(Source from ‘Cambridge Dictionary’ & ‘’)


  • Describes people who do not often talk about or show their feelings or thoughts
  • Formal or self-restrained in manner and relationship; avoiding familiarity or intimacy with others


  • Person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people
  • More concerned with the inner world of the mind, enjoy thinking, exploring their own thoughts and feelings

In relationship, many were saying that introverts and/or reserved person would be compatible and goes along well with the opposite type of person (hyperactive), naturally because it balances out the energy and characteristics. If you are on the reserved side though, it is important to open up to others at some point. It becomes frustrating when one person shares intimate details of their personal life, and another isn’t getting to know you any better.


If asked to pick either one of those, I would explicate myself as an introvert person instead of being reserved. I am not an outgoing person, but I am also not a shy type and considered being a very talkative person.

When socializing with close people, I will be sharing mostly every single thing about my life, but not as much as listening to other people’s lifetime stories. In most cases, my conversation would be regularly on furnishing my opinion upon others’ rather than talking about myself. I presume that is the reason why some people find me being a ‘comfort place’ for them to share their life issues and spill over their deepest secrets. They often say I can be trusted. It’s pretty common among the circle of people I live with, for them to come to me for advice and playing my role as their listener. In guidance, I lean to share the actual experience that I had because I find for the most part, it comforts people by indirectly telling them that they are not alone in such situation they’ve encountered.

Back to being introvert, I discovered myself being self-conscious at countless situations. My parents kept telling my other relatives and friends that I spent plenty of my time in my room alone (obviously with the door closed) since I was a kid. If I got called up by a friend for a social reunion, I usually would not be hesitated to accept the invitation, even though deep inside my heart I would rather spend my night watching TV than going out. I like the moment of catching up with others, somehow my emotional will get drained out really fast after a while hanging out. It will get intensify if the atmosphere involved strangers or people whom I barely known and talk to in person.

I will only be comfortable among people who have similar interest or things in common, or with another introvert for that matter.

In a social group or big party, I will get bored after a while, feeling restless and turn out to be in super crappy mood. I felt that I was being tied-up to be in that place which forces me to keep smiling and talking randomly. Situation will get awfully overwhelmed if the social activities prolong, or too much is happening at about the same time. I will likely get stressful and my self-esteem will just drop to the lowest level. When that happens, I will need to have my energy recharged by being alone, without any disturbance.

I’m not sure if this is 100% true however based on my opinion, introverts at time deserved some attention. They usually don’t tell others about it, they’ll react sensitively and try to take too much effort either to impress or make others happy when being around them. This usually happens to me. At the end of the day, too much of doing the same will leave me feeling terrifically devastated.

Throughout the entire quarter decade of my life, I would say I have less than 10 of closes friends. In my own moment, I’d prefer solitary activities such as reading, or even watching movies and shopping by myself. I don’t prefer public speaking and barely can handle any mistakes that I thought I would make in front of others. I shared my feelings but only to those who are close enough or person whom I can trust. I am blessed and feeling gifted to have the ignorance characteristic in me at times. I don’t like to meddle into other people’s life and I expect others to have the same for me. It may sound silly to have this weird attitude and I’m not proud of being an introvert myself either, but at the same time I don’t regret being one.

Call me crazy, but I get super excited reading articles about introversion.

So here is my toast to introvert peeps out there and no offense to the extroverts because they are the one who indirectly, balances the social community.

“I restore myself when I’m alone” – Marilyn Monroe

(source: tumblr, pinterest)

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2 thoughts on “Being Introverted or Reserved?

  1. Nicole says:

    That was a fantastic post, great job 🙂
    I am personally a extrovert, not necessarily hyperactive but I find socializing very easy, I don’t get embarrassed easily and group situation come easily to me. I am still a quiet talker but I like being around people as much as I like being alone though I do prefer to date introverts.
    Not because of the opposites attract theory. simply because I find their personalities and way about going things far more attract then boisterous and overly outgoing extroverted males.

    • figurynna says:

      Oh my dear Nicole, what a surprised!

      I have always been admiring extroverts from the way they speak, their energy and the magic that they would be able to bring into any room of silence. Frankly speaking, I’m a bit envy of how high their level of confidence in most situation 😛

      I guess introverted guys attracts in a way you would always be curious to know what’s playing inside their mind and stepping inside their close circle. It’s tough, but once you’ve succeed, you’ll be the most trustworthy person he has ever known 🙂

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