We Heart (Love) Food

My week nights were spent on my couch watching ‘Masterchef‘ series. My all time favorite will absolutely be the ‘Masterchef Australia‘, specially because of their family-bonding spirits from all the contestants, and that I have also always wanted to live in Aussie! 😛

Later then, I was browsing the net and came across a cool article about online food and their research on food photo sharing trends. This is the statistic that was captured:

(Read more about the interesting article)

Speaking of food, in my last entry of June review, I have revealed one of my darkest secret in life – I don’t know how to cook.

Yeap, that’s undeniably true!

All these years, I was living my life with either from my mum’s cooking or by just eating outside at food stalls. In such manner, since the day I moved to my own house and having my own kitchen, I have decided to try to cook a complete, proper meal for the first time in my life. In a brutally-honest saying, it was my first time ever using a blender for cooking purpose. (Seriously, I’m not kidding guys!)

Practically, I have most of my kitchen appliances and utensils ready to be used. My handful of next attempt was to:

  • Gather some basic recipes from the net
  • Try to understand and research some of the ingredient names
  • Go to supermarket and wander around especially the wet market area to understand different type of raw food
  • Buy some basic seasoning and flavors (eg: soy sauce, ketchup, pepper, etc)
  • Take photos of the cooked meal (which then relates to the article above)

In June mostly, I have cooked some basic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additional advantage is that hubs knows how to cook several fundamental recipes too, and for that matter, I’m not too worried.

I decided to capture some of  the dishes that we’ve prepared, so in the future I can visibly glimpse at how far I have learnt throughout the journey of my cooking:

Prawn Chilli with Green Beans

Ginger Steamed Barramundi Fish with Tomato

Chinese-Style Fried Rice with Minced Lamb

(More photos of my basic cooking here)

Nevertheless, I am still in the learning process, and ohh boy I never thought cooking can be something so enjoyable and inspirational! (The boring part is only when you need to clean up the mess, wash the dishes and cooking utensils). My next try will be utilizing the oven for baking, and this will also be entirely a new experience for me.


On a separate note, I have also been spending most of my time browsing through all the awesome photos in ‘weheartit‘ for the past 2 days. I subsequently go through the list of photos that I have ‘hearted’, and only then I realized that all these photos were more or less describing about me, my life, what I like and what I have always wanted. Come take a look at my gallery of hearts and follow my weheartit 🙂

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child


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