Months in Review: June 2013

Couldn’t believe myself that June was finally over! It is now coming to the second half of the Year of 2013, which also marks the age of 5-months-old for ‘Coffee and The Sky (CATS)’. Yay! That’s awesome! 😀

Cheers to entire CATS lovely loyal readers out there, and warmest welcome to all new readers! Million of thanks for all the love and support!


Also raising my cheers to June, and here’s what happened.

The Creepiest Debt Crawling.

Clearly most of you were aware about the post I wrote where my life was all debts; which I also shared few things that I have tried to basically manage the haunted debt and terminating one of my credit card.

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The plan went pretty good during the first few months, but somehow the credit card outstanding balance kept increasing months later – deliberately crawling back to me by the time I moved to my new house. I wasn’t surprised. Unexpected event happened beyond our control at times (especially when you least expecting it), and unfortunately it didn’t associate to the original plan accordingly. I kept calming myself that I should not gave up so quickly and keep trying.

I received a call from the bank which offered me some sort of personal loan with low interest rate together with other benefits. I couldn’t hesitate and thought to myself the reason why I should accept that offer. In my mind it was prominently stated that I need more cash in order to cancel all my credit cards. That was my main intention from the beginning. So I signed up for that offer.

Till the time I wrote this post, I haven’t received any call regarding my status of application. Therefore I’m not going to elaborate further till it is successfully confirmed. It was devastating. For the time being, I will just wish for the best and…wait.

Apart from that, as usual, I saved another 50 bucks for June and also filled up my piggy bank for leftover coins.

Keeping up with the Healthy Lifestyle.

I wasn’t that healthy during the month of June. In late June, our city was caught by haze, and those times were critical. I couldn’t breathe comfortably and had to take few days off from office and stayed at home with all the windows and doors shut. I wore a mask in my own house. You may read more on the post I wrote about my historical of sickness and some small steps that I took to manage a healthier life.


Moments – The Awesome & Terrified.

The Terrified.

My most terrifying moment in June was about my health. And hazy weather made it worst. I wasn’t in a best shape after I moved to my new house. I was having a bad flu and asthma attack at night during my sleep hours, and that happened almost every day. I assumed the reason behind it was because of the dusty surroundings at our new housing areas coming from the neighboring renovation work. Apart from being a regular asthmatic patient, I believe now I am having a nocturnal asthma. Apparently, I need to get myself checked.

The Amazing.

Meat Lovers (14-June) – The health issue wasn’t a boundary between me and my family time. We bought ourselves a BBQ Grill Hub and its set of utilities for an outdoor BBQ family gathering at our new house. It was a pleasure to have both sides of family came to visit our new home and we were certainly blessed by so many varieties of food that night.

Goodbye to Whites (19-June) – For the first time in my life, this date marked my calendar for the start of skipping white rice and white bread in my daily food intake. And I haven’t taken any of them until today including fast food, so that sums up to almost 1 ½ months. Should I be proud? For now, it’s too early to tell.

Serenity Moment (22-June) – I did massive work of cleaning the new house for the past few weeks. So I decided to cure my aching body and went to the ‘Santai Spa‘ to have my nerves and muscles fixed, while pampering myself with the soothing smell of lavender oil for the aromatherapy massage. It was such a remedy and totally worth of 3 hours.


My June Favorite Picks:

My most favorite of the month would be this gorgeous BBQ hub. We were lucky to get the last minute promotion at the best rate even after the promotional period ended. With this new outdoor BBQ pit, our motivational spirit of home-cooking boosted to the highest level throughout June.

We did plenty of home-cooking and groceries-shopping almost every weekend. It was also my very first experience to cook in my own kitchen! (Gosh, never in my life I could described myself standing in the kitchen to cook). Truth to be told, I have never cooked myself a proper meal when I was living with my parents. My mum did all the cooking, and even dish-washing. (Hell yeah, I was being treated like a princess and never get my hands dirty). Thus, this new kitchen of mine was certainly a new experience and learning curve for me. I sure wish it will be my next favorite spot of the house (other than TV area, lol!)

To this extent, here I bid my farewell to the first half of 2013. Stay tuned for the July review in my next post 🙂

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“Sometimes, the strongest among us are the ones who smile through the pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about”.

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4 thoughts on “Months in Review: June 2013

  1. dimilow says:

    I used to have difficulties in breathing growing up, nobody knows why. Then I changed my lifestyle – I started running three to four times a week during secondary school days, it helps but I still have breathing difficulties on and off. Nowadays I can say that breathing difficulties is a thing of the past for me, and I only notice it returning when I ate really unhealthy stuff. You might want to check out Yoga and Mediterranean diet to ease your Asthma, yeah, its hard, but you need to lose something to gain something.

    • figurynna says:

      I don’t know if anyone have told you this, but you’re awesomely strong, man! 🙂

      You definitely have the greatest courage to go through all that pain. I guess we have some things in common in the past, ain’t easy to deal with it, especially with the unknown and not really sure what you’re suppose to do next. In this case, it’s all about the sickness. Sometimes you have to take it positively and see where it has changed your life and making you stand right now.

      I hope everything goes well for you. I am still struggling but at the same making sure that I can survive all of it. Thank you for sharing and I certainly would try out your suggestion. I love the idea of running, I have that in mind for the past few weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

    • figurynna says:

      Thanks Nicole! Oh yea what a June!

      When the worst things happened, you’ll tend to find all the good things to balance your life and emotional, so that’s pretty much what I did most of the time 🙂

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