The Greatest Wealth is Health

The Major History

I spent some time reading on the net about maintaining health and how to live a healthier lifestyle. I have to admit myself that my body is vitally prone to sickness. Statistically, I noticed I will most likely fall sick just about every month, until I comprehend I was so immune to all sorts of medications. I can fluently list down scientific names of medicines if you ask me. I’m good at it. Even my doctor said so. It’s like I’m working as a pharmacist.

My family doesn’t come from a perfectly healthy background too. My mother was an asthmatic patient, and she suffered migraine periodically. My father had heart attack in the past (with minimal eye vision due to stroke). Despite their older age, to me, both of them seem strong and fit compared to how my body works. Mummy can still do most of the housework on her own; simultaneously taking care of my grandma and her grandchildren at the same time. Daddy is still capable to drive alone during the day and go for his jog every single morning even when he is fasting. Unimaginably, they are my superheroes.

I was an asthmatic patient like my mum too, since the day I was born, even until today and probably until the last day of my life. I had low-blood pressure. My doctor said even when I’m stress to the max, my blood pressure level is still below normal (Erm, so I’m abnormal?) Other than that, I was also a vertigo and insomnia patient. ‘Xanax’ used to be my best friend. Last year, I was diagnosed with colitis, gastritis and stomach infections. I was being hospitalized for 2 weeks and undergo several procedures. Surprisingly, I’m kind of immune to all of these. Since I was born, the hospital was like my second home. My doctors and surgeons are like my second parents. And injections felt like mosquito bites.

So that’s a little history about me and my health. Above were few of the major ones.

I have been living my life with symptoms and medications more than a quarter decade now. Those sick pills are like my daily vitamins. But up to now, I’m living my life as normal as others. And I’m thankful for that.

The Minor Perpetual

It came to my sense that these recent years, my metabolism isn’t at its best. When someone in my office or in my house fell sick, the next day I will get sick too. I’m like a magnet that can easily absorb the germs or viruses. When someone near me is having flu, the next day I will get the bigger package including fever and others. My immune system should be fixed. Despite the historical of sickness, my body and my health need to be maintained. It’s beginning to impact my lifestyle. And that shows the sign of unhealthy and imbalance life.

Apart from that, most people were saying that I gained weight. Undeniably true. During my college years, I’m not a person who can gain weight easily regardless of any type of dishes that I consumed. I was known as a petite girl. I was a popular girl (ha-ha kidding!:p) Nevertheless after I got married, I can simply gain 2 kilos within a month. At times, I barely understand how does that happened and I blamed my hormones. In few months time, I had to buy new pair of jeans, one size bigger! Argh!!


Simple Change for a Start – Food

Pure mixed fruit juice made from the juicer

Realizing these, in the month of June 2013, I diverged the normal routine. My first aim is on the food intake. I tried to gradually change my eating habits. I’m not sure if it will make any good or harm for me and my unhealthy body, but I’m going to try it regardless. So far, my BMI doesn’t touch the critical stage or dangerous level yet. So I’d better be more careful.

For about three weeks plus now, I skipped white rice as my meal. As an Asian myself, this is challenging because rice is certainly our primary food. White rice is what we consumed, and it can be 3-times-a-day food.

Funny thing is, on the second day itself, I could already felt nausea and dizzy by not eating white rice. Somehow, I managed to get through that disastrous feeling almost a month now.

(Read more about white rice intake if you’re interested).

My second plan is to switch eating white bread (which I substitute for the white rice) to wholegrain bread. This isn’t hard thing for me, because I used to eat wholemeal bread a month ago when I was still staying with my parents. Honestly with this kind of new diet, I get hungry easily perhaps because I used to eat full plate of meal every time. Note that I’m not on a carbs diet, but I’m just planning to control and balancing my food and nutrients intake. Overall in a few weeks ahead, this is what I plan to do:

  1. Continue skipping white rice until about 1 month
  2. Start eating more oat and wholegrain bread. Quit with the white bread.
  3. Switch my snacking time from junk food to nuts or raisins
  4. Salad or mixed fruits at least once every 3 days after meal
  5. Drink plenty of plain water and occasionally yogurt drink/milk/soy milk
  6. Skip fast food for a month
  7. Ice cream – once a while as a treat 🙂

My jars of mixed nuts and berries

Additional advantage is, mid July will be a fasting month (Ramadhan month) for us. It’s a plus point for me to skip my lunch time after all and try to control myself at night when breaking the fast. This will happen entirely for a month. I don’t really know the outcome and result of all these small changes yet. I certainly wish it helps and achieving my 2013 Manifesto! 🙂

Despite the low metabolism, my energy gets drained out really fast and I’m always tired and sleepy too. Hence, my second focus will be on the exercising. I haven’t prepared entirely on the game plan, but we’ll see about that in my next post.

“There is one consolation in being sick; and that is the possibility that you may recover to a better state than you were ever in before.” – Henry David Thoreau

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Wealth is Health

  1. Christina says:

    I can relate! I was feeling super sluggish after two weeks of vacation and constantly eating out. I finally tried the green monster smoothie that everyone is Pinterest-ing (just one meal a day). Got SO many more veggies in and felt way better. Best of all, the ominous green color had no bearing on the taste.

    Good luck with finding the changes that work best for you!

    • figurynna says:

      Must be a great vacation there! It’s the feeling when you need a holiday from your holiday XD

      Interesting thing about the green monster smoothies. Thanks for the great suggestion, I would want to give it a try too (hope that the taste isn’t that bad.. I’m certainly not a vege lover.. haha!). But then, it’s pretty hard to find almond milk & chia seeds around my place here. Do you feel more energized by drinking the green monster? 😛

      Thanks Christina, I hope these little changes will be fruitful 🙂

  2. dimilow says:

    You reminds me of my old self. Nowadays I eat mostly fruits and raw vegetables, brown rice about once a week, meat about once a week. As for fast food I’ve skip it almost completely – about 3 times for the last 5 years. Good choice for the nuts and raisins, thumbs up!

    • figurynna says:

      Ohhh my! You’re doing it waaaay better than me! 🙂

      So far, I crossed-out white rice & white bread, but ate everything else. Ha-ha! It’s been quite sometime I didn’t touch fast food too!

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