Months in Review: May 2013

It’s quite late to review the month of May now.

Particularly because, I don’t have an internet connection at my new home. Yes! My NEW home. May was all about the new house, the moving and all. Nothing much happened to the personal life-changing plans. Perhaps maybe because there wasn’t much time or chances to do so.

This time, I am summarizing my May review.

In terms of financial aspects, I had my ‘Saving Private Fifty’ worked out fine in May. My debt management plan was a total failure during the month of May, seeing the credit card statement came to my hands 2 weeks ago. Most retail transactions ended up in stores such as Ikea – lots and lots of interior design shops, furniture and lighting shops, groceries market, and more; pretty much all about the household things. I left with no option but sacrificing myself for the long term and for a good cause; for the new house.

During the early month of May, I was busy with all the packing. Then mid May was all about the moving, first phase of cleaning and defect checking. I moved-in to the new home at almost end of May (to be specific, our first night sleeping at the new home was on Sunday, 26-May). That’s the day where all the furniture that we’ve ordered arrived to our house, together with the movers.

In reality, it was a total hectic, tiring and endless of cleaning and arranging. That prolongs for few days. Day and night. I’ve taken several unexpected leaves from the office work as well, because in between, there’s lots of unexpected things happens. You certainly need to make time, and I can say 100% of your personal time and effort was focused entirely towards the house – that includes meeting up with the contractors, developers and others. My parents weren’t around during the time I moved to my new house; they were taking care of my grandma for her eye’s operation. Therefore, all the decision-making and planning was indeed, carried out following my own gut feeling at most times, since it was the first-time experience that I had. Honestly, it was really, really challenging.

Finally moved-in to the ‘Home Sweet Home’

Garden area (hope to have a beautiful landscape in future)

Then we have another ‘special guest’ appearance came into our new home. Our little kitten that we have originally planned to adopt was finally ready to be picked up. He became our official family member on Tuesday, 28-May (which was also the date of his 3rd month old birthday). So say hello to Nomeya guys! (In case you’re wondering, ‘Nomeya’ was his name that I accidentally came up with) 🙂

Nomeya was doing lil’ cute pose to me

Nomeya with his new toy

Nomeya tried to pose at my potting plant

Outdoor time for Nomeya in the evening


My May Favorite Picks:

I bought for myself a fruit juicer (remember my Manifesto where one of the list was saying that I’m trying so hard to become healthy?) The intention of buying is to motivate myself. My first try was making a mixed-berries with apple and carrot juice (no water and sugar added), and it tasted so yummy! 🙂

No chopping, no hassle, just juice. That is so true! And I’m in love with it!

Then another favorite thing that I purchased was these adorable flip-flops. It’s super comfy, non-slippery and I wore it all the time in my kitchen, sometimes walking around the house. Nomeya kept chasing me when I do so, just to bite the prawn’s head. Hahahaha!

The adorable red prawn furry flip flops! :p


Okay, so that’s pretty much it for my May review (that was all I could remember to be exact). Precisely, May was the exhaustive month for me, but it turned out also to be the starting point of living my life, independently. It was the starting month to mark your list of groceries, to arrange your daily super-pack schedules (since now work doesn’t really happen at the office only). More work meaning more responsibilities, which means more of patience and courage to deal and adapt with another phase of life-changes. I would honestly have to say, it is not an easy task – Physically, mentally, financially and emotionally, you have to be fully prepared. Seriously, I’m not kidding!

What about June? We’ll see about that in the next review. Till then, see you guys again! 🙂

“Bye guys! It’s my nap time now!”

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – C.S Lewis

Currently Listening: Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

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