Finding a New Life in a New Place

For the past few weeks, I have been spending most of my time on a Mega Project – Moving in to our new house. For the first time ever in my life, I will be moving out from my parents’ house and will be living with hubs in our own, new house which we have bought somewhere in Year 2011. It’s definitely a huge step, opening another new chapter of my life.

Most people described moving into a new home is fun. But for me, it’s a mixed feeling.

The excitement, craze and fun happened upon the time I placed my booking on one of the property (it wasn’t a built-ready house, so we have to wait). That was the beginning stage. Now that the house is finally ready, your energy is all drained out and consumed lots of your time, primarily on the planning, packing, moving and cleaning.

I am presently at stage 3 – moving.

Notwithstanding all the amusement and physically exhaustive, I have likewise been doing ample of thinking in between. Questions popped out during my night before I sleep essentially sounded like this – ‘Will I be doing okay living on my own?’ ‘Can I be independent enough and become more responsible?’ or ‘Am I able to sustain myself and my family, especially in terms of financial?’ and more and more.

Perhaps I have been distressed so much, realizing the fact that now I have to stand on my own feet to manage my own life. I am transpiring into another phase of adulthood. I am no longer living under my parents’ care. Other than my job, I have to ensure our fridge is always filled up, our dining table is laid with food, our laundry is taken care of, our bills are settled and overseeing all other household matters. In short, I have to be MORE responsible. And I have to do all that stuff on my own. I have to take care of my own family, not only myself. Well, that’s a nerve-wrecking!

I perceive most people (especially women) will absolutely have some sort of these feelings. Guys will have other stuff or things that they will think of. Later then, all comes back to the same point. The situation is unlike when you were renting in an apartment during college years – You don’t need to think much about adulthood and commitments during those years. You just need to take care of your good self and spending time having fun with your best friends when the exam week is over. This time, it’s explicitly hell lots of different. And I have always thought that moving out was easy and fun altogether.

Early this year I contemplated on personal debt settlement. I was doing okay following the plan. As the months passed by, my debt is promptly starting to increase and rolling towards our new home. I understand that the beginning part is the hardest part. All I need is to learn how to take care of myself, better than before. It’ll be feasible not only for me, but also for my family and for the new home. Initially, I anticipated I wasn’t ready for all of this transition. Now that the time has come, I have to face it regardless of what I have feared of.

In some such way to this point of time, I’m doing surprisingly well. I tried to overcome my worries and fear, and still keep on trying. I have done plenty of planning and searching for household items. Our parents have never failed to give us lots of guidance and support. We have purchased so many things for the house because we wanted to be prepared when we moved in. We have pretty much all the basics ready – from things like kitchen utensils, curtains, padlocks, and electric appliances to things like bed, sofa, cabinets, wardrobes, dining table, garden, and others. No more time during weekends spent for clothes and shoes shopping or even watching cinema or going to hair salon. All of the focus, time, energy and money went precisely to the new home.

It takes time to adapt to the transition, and I believe it will all be worthwhile.

Moving in to this lil’ home soon.

Have you had the same experience when moving to a new home or city? What’s your story?

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” – Vivian Greene

6 thoughts on “Finding a New Life in a New Place

  1. San San says:

    Hey Farah,

    Nice house, congrates! 🙂 Enjoy the process although there might be some ‘fighting’ time of different opinion or concept. Agree to disagree..haha..

    Ya, bigger responsibilities as in you both have to take care of each other and also the house. But I’m sure u can handle it 😉

    Btw, where is the location?

    Take care,
    San San – ex CW 😀

    • figurynna says:

      Hello San San,

      You are absolutely right, aligning a mutual understanding and agreement isn’t an easy task. It can be as silly as choosing the color of your fork and spoon, or the material of your cushion. Somehow I guess, that’s when you learn how to cooperate and tolerate at the same time.

      And the responsibilities. Yikes! That’s the scariest part of all! Haha! Overall it’s another new challenge, but mainly for a good reason. Patience plays a very important role at all time.

      It’s at BSP Avenue. Once I’ve moved in, I’ll share with you the address and would be delighted for you to come. Thank you gurl for your great advice, I appreciate it so much! 🙂

      • Reflisia says:

        Hye dear, when I read your writing, I feel it also happened to me, we share the same experience. Btw, u r my lovely neighbors. Nice knowing u babe =)

      • figurynna says:

        Helluu dear!
        Yup2, same feeling and experience maybe coz kite pompuan kot.. tanggungjawab tu rase lebih berat hehe. Hopefully both of us will be fine along the way, glad and lucky to have a friendly, caring and cool neighbours macam korang! 😀

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