Months in Review: March 2013

Reading latest Lonely Planet Euro Edition while enjoying the Famous Amos Almond Dark Chocolate Muffin Top. The kind of life I wanted.

As a matter of fact, March wasn’t literally a great month for me, and my family. In spite of being the longest month of working (solid, full days without a single Public Holiday), many hateful incidents happened, and most of my plan didn’t go as well as I expected.

Blowing Your Brain Fuse with Debts.

  • Credit Card – Terminating one of the zombie cards by my birthday this year. I still have another 8 months to accomplish. That’s the main reason why I said it was a haunted debt, and March made it clearer by ruining my plan. I eventually used the card to purchase something expensive. You may discover what was it by the end of this post.
  • Saving and Other Income – Strangely, I couldn’t afford to allocate time to advance my research. If you’ve read about my Feb reviews, you’ll perceive about the stagnant income stories. Saving? Another 50 bucks and coins collected for the third month. Good thing.

  Healthier Lifestyle. In Dream.       

  • In my dream, this is what I hope to achieve every day. In reality, nothing worked out. The walkathon (brisk walking) plan only happened once. We have had a bad weather in March – extremely hot and humid during the afternoon and raining like cats and dogs in the evening. When you were sweating all over coming to the office, you’ll tend to skip the staircase. When you go back home planning to go for a jog, the rain poured down like a crying baby. This duo-weather happened every day in March. For that reason, that’s my excuse for no exercise.

Experimenting Genius Level by Reading/Writing.

  • Reading – Okay, I read the newspapers every week as planned. Erm, I meant ONCE every week. On top of that, I have read halfway a novel which was published years ago. It was also a gift from my sister when I was admitted into the hospital 2 years back. I was supposed to finish that book during that time, but I chose to just sleep around the clock. The book was PS I Love You‘ by Cecelia Ahern‘. I am still in the sad chapter now.
  • Writing – Halfway through. I usually compiled my daily walkabouts and tracked my expenses, but all was gone by end of March. Bad luck.

Moments. The Awesome, but Mostly Terrified.

The Terrifying:

  • Family Members Suffered. ALL OF THEM.
    1. My 69-year-old father fell down last month. I was extremely terrified. On 3rd March, my grandma fell down at her house in Malacca. On 12th March, my mother (together with my aunt) fell down at one of the mall’s car park and injured the left side of her body. She suffered with so much pain and she couldn’t even hold a plastic spoon to feed herself.
    2. The day after, on 13th March, hubs came back to our house with a crippled leg. He fell off when he was playing football and his ankle’s ligament was torn. He screamed in pain every time he stepped on the accelerator pedal of his car and he went to work with walking stick for 2 weeks. All my family members couldn’t stand properly, unable to walk in a straight line and weep in pain most of the time. I was hurt inside.
    3. On 28th March, another unfortunate thing happened. Hubs met in an accident but thank God, he was okay. However, his car’s door was dented. It was knocked by a motorcyclist and that dude ran his ass off. I wasn’t mad when I got that news. I just wished him well for living his life with no manners, being irresponsible, putting other people’s life in danger and turning people’s feeling into becoming so miserable. “Thanks dude. For nothing“.
    4. While I was updating this post, I got another news from my mum saying that my other aunt fell off walking down the pedestrian bridge. She’s now being admitted to the hospital for internal organ checkup. At the same time, my 3-year-old nephew tripped off and bleed his forehead. Nothing else could fix the cut other than glue stitches. Honestly, I felt like I’m watching my entire family casting in ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘  for the whole month.
  • Broken-heart Phone (24-Mar) – I was so stressed throughout the entire March and broken-heart phone made it worst. You may read the whole stories here. It’s a true story and I’m not intending to brag about it. Just sharing how I felt.

The Amazing:

  • Friends Chilling-Out (9-Mar) – After 2 hours of hassle searching for the parking spot, I managed to hang out with my friends for dinner, at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant, The Curve. It was amazing because this kind of thing seldom happened nowadays and it wasn’t easy to have everyone to get together at the same time, on the same day. I watched midnight movies at the cinema after that. Miracle happened too, I guess.
  • New Home-To-Be (16-Mar) – Last month, this was a misery to both of us as there was no progress in fixing all the defects. After many complaints, lots and lots of anger and frustration, our house was finally complete. We managed to proceed with the renovation work now, finally!
  • Annual, Not Monthly Dinner (22-Mar) – We had our Company’s annual dinner at Eastin Hotel with several colleagues came all the way from other countries such as Singapore and Middle Eastern. I didn’t won any prize for the lucky draw (March was bad enough for me anyway), but it was fun hanging out with close colleagues and watched others get drunk. This was the best time to see everyone’s true colors. You’ll recognize their real identities.


My March Favorite Picks:

This handsome hero flourished his charm on me. I felt vulnerable and my heart was obliged to utilize my haunted credit card for me to own him. I’m indeed broke now and my entire saving plan was ruined for March.

I presumed above was the only best thing. I bought the iPhone 5 ultimately. To be honest, it was also because of the great deal that I got through network operator membership (near to 50% discount from the original retail price, and was worth it). The deal ends on last day of March, therefore without much hesitation, I signed up for the package. My 3GS? By any means, I will still fix his heart. He was my first love after all.


Goodbye March, for good. Welcome April and May. The plan for these 2 months?

  • Compiling all my long-lost stuff and contacts from my previous phone. Well, I’ve lost everything and nothing to compile actually, perhaps starting from scratch in the new phone, without letting my life depends too much on it.
  • Finishing off my remaining chapter of ‘PS I Love You’. Aiming to flip over some pages of my recent box-set purchased. Can’t wait!
  • Working out some new plan for the credit card termination. Unpredictable things happened along the way. That doesn’t give you any chance of excuse to quit in pursuing your target.
  • Figuring out the best time for my walkathon/brisk walking plan. I wanted to fully utilize the mini pedometer that I bought in February.

From deep down in my heart, I’m glad March is over. It was 31 frenzied days full of torture. Maybe it wasn’t a shitty month for everyone, but it was for me and my family. And my phone, too! Nevertheless, I’m still thankful for the life I had.

I pray for a better chapter in the future. I will work for it. But maybe a little harder this time.


“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon

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