iPhone Story – The Catastrophe.

Sunday, 24th March was one of the unfortunate days for me.

How It Started

Back track to almost 3 years ago, I bought a 3GS iPhone for my birthday. It was the first ever Smart Phone purchased in my life. I decided to buy 3GS even when Apple has launched iPhone 4. Everyone was chasing after the version 4, instead I go after the old 3GS – it was like love at first sight. Like Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook”. Somehow, I managed to buy it, with extremely expensive price from some dealer. The dealer told me it was a jailbroken phone. I accepted without hesitant.

I held the phone with the version 3.1.3 operating system until now. To iPhone users, you guys might just say I’m crazy, outdated or whatever it is. I’m thankful and happy with what I have, and I didn’t regret nor thinking about upgrading the OS or swapping to latest gadget.

What Really Happen

Recently, most of my apps weren’t functioning as it’s supposed to. It gave me those funny errors like “You need to upgrade your phone in order to use the latest version of this application”. Or “Your application cannot be supported anymore since your device is using too old version”. Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!

This shit really bothers me because I don’t need to upgrade when I am satisfied with what I have. I don’t need to change my life if I am happy with the way I live. I don’t demand for more. I don’t want to. The word ‘upgrade’ kept popping in my head.

Until one day, I decided to REFRESH that poor 3GS life. I restored and update it through iTunes. I determined not to do any jailbreak or hacking my phone. I chose to stay on the bright side – fork out my own money if I want new apps and not hacking it for free. Well, you know. All the angelic stuff.

I was wrong. My decision was a fucking mistake.

What Happens Now

My 3GS now shines with latest iOS 6.1.3 version. Wait, the best part is coming. Despite all the sparkles, in some such way I was unable to complete my installation due to the issues with my sim card could not be activated. All of a sudden, the phone did not recognize its own heart. I lost all my contacts. I lost all my diaries, my to-do’s, my expenses list and important notes. I lost all my photos, my apps, my music. Conclusion is – I lost everything. It’s like the moment when you are awake from a brain damage. You forgot and lost everything. Then I thought to myself, earlier I was saying ‘REFRESH’. There you go. You get what you plan to do after all, in the first place.

What I Did After That

Waking up to not knowing what to do next.

It was a disaster for a pre-planner person like me. I used to wake up and checked my to-do list every single day from the broken-heart phone. Now I realize that my life has been depending too much on my phone. It’s not healthy at all. I was so stressed for few days. It might sound like I’m making a big fuss out of it. But I wasn’t.

After 2 miserable days, I decided to do something about it. I did tons of reading and researching online. Dreadfully, the only way I could at least get into the ‘Home’ screen again is by jail-breaking it. Argh!

Okay for the first time ever in my life, I tried jail-breaking it myself. I’m not a computer geek, nor a programming-literate person, even though I majored in Software Engineering previously. I blame my University for not teaching me how to hack my phone. If they did, I will certainly excel that subject with flying colors.

Just for you know, restoring from previous backup didn’t work too. So skip first step. Other steps that I did for more than 24 hours without sleep was:

  • Swapping Sim Cards. No luck. Thumbs down.
  • Reboot. Million of times. (This wasn’t an easy task because my ‘Power’ button was stuck before)
  • Update iTunes to the latest. Done.
  • Restore. Recovery Mode. Restore again. And again. And again.
  • Ohh shit! It’s 2:30 AM! Give up. Jailbreak.
  • Download all jail-breaking tools – redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, tinyumbrella, iFaith, etc.
  • Download several firmware – 6.0, 6.1.2, 5.1.1, and the list go on.
  • Wait patiently during the entire process. Lots of waiting and massive yawning. “Wait, what day is it today?”
  • Learnt the entire Jailbreak words – blobs, SHSH, evasi0n, ultrasn0w, cydia, baseband, limera1n, and the list go on.
  • Couldn’t believe it myself either, but I can now tell you the difference between tethered and un-tethered jailbreak. And I can perform ‘DFU mode’ expertly, even with my broken ‘Power’ button. I can proudly tell you for the first time in my life, that my beloved 3GS is an old bootrom 3GS.

And the result?

I managed to jailbreak it. In other words, ‘hacktivate’ it. Somehow my guesstimate was, it has the problem with unlocking the carrier. Probably my phone dealer sold it to me from some other country. That, I still fail to do. I stopped until ‘ultrasn0w’ was installed, because at that point of time, I was not seeing any good sign of detecting the network service. I’m exhausted. So, I stop. I’m so tired and frustrated; I think most of the iPhone fellows can easily understand this feeling, especially if they have experienced the same. I wonder how Apple staff can remain to work, stress-free.

While my aim is still to fix my 3GS, I have started to browse over the net for iPhone 5’s best price and packages. These happen also mainly because most people asked me to just, get a new phone. Just. Get. A. New. Damn. Phone. I don’t know whether buying a new toy is the best choice for current situation. My life is in the mode of settling one of my credit card debts and moving out to a new house. And the last thing I want to do is, buying another expensive gadget. I will end up keeping 2 iPhones. One with a heartbeat, and the other one not. I strongly believe that’ll happen.

Let’s see about that.

You will always be my hero, you old bootrom!

4 thoughts on “iPhone Story – The Catastrophe.

  1. Cassie says:

    Oh man, THIS is what I worried about when I bought my iPhone! I literally just bought mine on Friday. I woke up Saturday morning to an update notification. Um. What. I absolutely love it, of course, but I hate the thought that it’ll be considered “out of date” in just a couple of short years. I mean, the thing is a tiny computer. I want it to last me a long time without getting extremely slowed down… or having everything disappear.

    • figurynna says:

      Oh yeah gurl! I’m not sure why, but I always love iDevices from the very beginning. I’m turning into an iFreak! Ha-Ha!

      The thing that FREAKS me out when using iPhone usually, is when the time comes to plug-in into iTunes and the restoring updates started (by that time I’ll be wondering whether it’ll crash my entire apps especially to an old iPhone like mine). And that’s why I intend to still fix his ‘heart’. He has served me well all these years!

      I hope you enjoyed your new phone Cassie! 🙂

    • figurynna says:

      Awww.. It’s not my heart actually, it’s my PHONE’S heart that need to be fixed 🙂 Appreciate all the help and thanks to you!

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