Months in Review: February 2013

The short Valentine’s month. It was a less productive month for me (blame all the Public Holidays), however it was such an amazing month, for Coffee and The Sky was born on 10-Feb-13. Simultaneously, 10-Feb was also my 1st Anniversary, which sums up together becoming the greatest month. Mood was still leaning towards the excitement of fulfilling my 2013 Manifesto.

Flashback to Mr. February? Here it goes.

The Creepy, Haunted Debt.

  • Credit Card – As you may be aware of, I tried my best to abolish one of my haunted credit card this year by my birthday. Now that 2 months has passed, I hope to keep the ball rolling. In Feb, I fed the ghost more than a minimum balance, and I stopped entirely using that zombie card as well. Not even once.
  • Stagnant Income –  True story. In Feb, I still didn’t get any salary increment for my more-than-a-year of service for the Company, regardless how excellent I was with my job (I hope the CEO is reading this now). Without much expectation from my job, I turned away my hope – I gathered some materials to see if it’s possible to generate an extra income from other sources. I didn’t go into details yet. Perhaps, further research might be done in the upcoming months (Hello Lonely Planet, if you’re reading this, I’m more than happy to sign up for your contract).

Save the Date. Save the Breath.

  • Mini-Saving – Remember the 50 bucks and coins deal? I sealed it too for Feb. Glad to see there’re 2 pieces of 50s now in my mini box, and my piggy bank gain some weight. I can’t wait for these minis to grow.
  • Life-Saver  – Unexpectedly, my past weeks of fact-finding was fruitful finally. I was hell worried that I couldn’t maintain my hectic monthly commitments, due to the fact that my mortgage payment has increased to almost triple; but my salary remains static. My application to withdraw from the EPF for housing-loan monthly installment was successful. Based on my balance, they claimed they will bank-in to my saving account throughout the next 9 months. With that, I deliberated myself to be able to breathe again, at least until September. 

The So-Called Healthier Lifestyle.

  • Food/Drink – Similar routine and no diet plan for Feb (only sustaining the mundane three: fruits, yogurts, milk). Had some oatmeal for breakfast on alternate days; some said oatmeal can help to reduce cholesterol level. And apparently, fat stays the same. Fat loves me.
  • Massage/Spa – No massage arrangement was made in Feb. Only massive of more than 10 hours of sleep in most days.
  • Walkathon – Frankly, I didn’t go for any brisk walking in Feb. Not even once. But I climbed the staircase, where my office was located at 3rd level. I also bought myself a pedometer (yet to use it),  just to boost up my spirit. Should I be proud?

 Squeezing the Brain Juice by Reading & Writing.

  • Newspaper – *Yawn* again. This time I bought and read only on every Friday. That’s it, no more comments. I still felt genius, but not as much as in January. Don’t judge me, alright?
  • Blog Reader – Oh hey, here comes the interesting part! Since I started my blog in Feb, I’ve read so many blogs from others and came across several amazing writers. Soon, I plan to list them down and featuring their site here. Moreover, I signed up for 20SB Group (Ohh hello buddies!)
  • Diary and Expenses – Tracked my story of life every single day together with my daily expenses. Yeap! Mission succeeded for second month in 2013.

Moments. The Awesome and Terrified.


  • House Misery (2-Feb) – We came back from our vacation hoping that we were able to move in to our new home. We’ve submitted 8 pages of defect reports and was startled that none of it was resolved. I complained (with lots of anger and unsatisfactory). The developer claimed that their contractors ran away. Even if the fact was purely true, I took it as the best joke of the month. Big applaud guys!
  • Family Suffer (20-Feb) – Received a text from my mom saying that my father fell off the bed and his head was accidentally knocked against the wall. I was terrified. His age will be turning to 69 this year, and falling down surely sounded disastrous for his age. He was in pain with bruises and cuts on every part of his right side of body. Few days later, he bumped into our garage wall while driving his car (Reason: He steered the wheel with his only right hand since the left was still stiff). He’s much better now but still in pain. Please be well, father.
  • Evil Bacteria Loves Me – My menstrual cycle was delayed for 2 weeks plus, and I suffered a lower abdomen pain. Most people I’ve met joked around about my secrecy of being pregnant. The fact is I wasn’t pregnant, and it wasn’t funny at all. God loves me more. My unusual cycle returned to normal, a week after that.


  • Little Homey (9-Feb & 24-Feb) – All my family members, in-laws and relatives came all the way to visit my new house (despite it wasn’t ready and I’m still staying at my parents’ house).
  • CATS (10-Feb) – Surprisingly stands for Coffee and The Sky.  I registered the domain on 7-Feb and CATS was brought into life 3 days later. I completed my Boracay Series on last day of Feb. Yes, I’m definitely happy with my CATS.
  • Take-Me-Away (11-Feb) – Our 1st Anniversary was on 10-Feb, somehow we celebrated on 11th at Chilli’s, Empire Gallery. I had myself the juicy New Zealand grilled lamb.
  • Pretzie for Kiddie (11-Feb) – Bought a new toy for my nephew for his birthday. Couldn’t forget the excitement and happiest look on his cute, cheeky face.

For Birthday Boy: The Parking Station – fits well for hot wheels

  • Dancing Lion (22-Feb) – Not the actual lion, but watched a Lion Dance performance at my office in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration.

Lion thinking: “How the hell am I going to jump down the stairs?”


a) From The Most Trusted Doctor (25-Feb) –  Many said I gained more weight after my marriage. I didn’t deny and agreed myself. Coincidentally I went to see my doctor and asked him to check for my BMI. The result I got was:

“Your BMI is 21.5, indicating your weight is in the normal weight range category for women of your height

I was surprised, and glad at the same time. I was not overweight but I did gain some   extra kilos. He said my BMI was healthy. I said, I want to make it even healthier so that I can fit in those cute tank tops & skinny jeans. He laughed.

b) From The Most Greatest Boss (26-Feb)  – Never raised a subject about my boss before. Honestly saying, he’s a great man, and I’m lucky to work under his supervision. He was not the reason why I didn’t get my increment. But he was the reason I got a brand new laptop from the Company (rarely happens). His charm, professional but open-minded, funny and friendly attitude is what motivates me to stay at my job. Serious shit.


 My February Favorite Picks:

Feb items

  1. H&M All-Black Wedges
  2. Mini Pedometer (track miles, kilometers, calories, step count)
  3. Corduroy Pink Pouch by Colorful Club
  4. Lonely Planet Magazine (Jan/Feb 2013 Edition) – featuring gorgeous Canada
  5. Big, Smooth, Padded Hair Brush
  6. H&M Sheer Mint Top, Turquoise Cardigan & Cobalt Blue Legging
  7. Scratch World Map (picture below)

Scratch on places where you’ve visited and the map will turn to various colors


My target for March 2013? It was described earlier in Jan Reviews. At this time, it is mid March, and I truly hope this month to end as fast as it could. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why in March stories.

How was your March treating you so far?


“That feeling of finishedness does not come all at once, and it is not easily won, but I think once you get there it is hard to go back.” – John Green

Currently Listening: Goldspot – Rewind

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