Months In Review: January 2013

My beloved guinea pigs when they both were still young & acting innocent

Righteously, it may be quite late to do a January review now.

Blergh I’m still going to simply note it down here so that they won’t get fade away, while some of the memories are still fresh. And it was also part of my 2013 Manifesto to do monthly reviews. February was a short month, and Coffee and The Sky was officially started during mid Feb, hence dragging the January review to later. The Valentine month was mostly focused on The Boracay Series – specially dedicated to people who have asked about my experience from the 9 days trip.

So, what really happened back in January? Let’s see. Hmmm…

Never-Enough-Financial and Haunted Debt

  • Credit Card – The plan to terminate one personal credit card was still intact. Although it’s not an easy process, but one thing happened was my application for ‘balance transfer’ with lower interest rate to another bank was successful. That’s my first baby step. I’m not sure if you’ll be interested but I might share some stories about this in future posts.
  • Saving – Despite the fact this is a plainly joke for me (considering there weren’t any extra cash from my paycheck), I forced myself to pull away 50 bucks, while occasionally tossed several heavy coins to the piggy bank. So a fifty and few coins for Jan? Done.

Tried To Be Healthier. And Calmer.

  • Food/Drink – Made some good-but-boring practice to eat fruits and yogurts. And drinking milk. Didn’t reduce any fat or making any diet plan. Carbs were close friend in Jan. Best friends were, lots of seafood during vacation. Satisfied, but not great.
  • Massage/Spa – This is what I love. Pampered myself with full body massage on the rooftop fronting the sea, under the moonlight sky at Boracay Island. Don’t be envy, I was peacefully pampered.
  • Travel – This is not supposed to be monthly kind of thing, but in January, I managed to carry my new Deuter travel backpack to Boracay, for 9 days. It was amazing.

 Brain Exercising by Reading. Self-Organizing by Writing.

  • Newspaper – *Yawn*. Not something that I fond of, but it’ll certainly bring more advantage to be aware of your surroundings. I set it as a weekly habit for me to read the news (as I’m just literally lazy to read every single day and find life is much easier by letting others telling me about the world). Officially in January, I bought newspapers. Twice a week (Friday & Saturday), for 2 weeks. I read. And felt genius.
  • Diary and Expenses – Okay I’m not a dear-diary type of person, but what I did was just summarizing about my life, EVERY single day in just a simple, short, bullet point form. Which then leads to tracking my expenses and knowing exactly where my money flies and where it should. It’s a separate list from debt and monthly commitments (I have that too!) Usually the balance will be zero or negative. 31 days in January, I tracked all of them.

Moments. The Awesome and Terrified.


  • Natural Disaster (3-Jan)Mud landslide near our housing area (my parents’ house). Thankfully, all the houses at the residential area were in a safe condition and no one was hurt.
  • Red Letter (9-Jan) – Received second warning letter from MBPJ for my car summon in 2010. They claimed I didn’t pay for the penalties, and will be sent to court (worst case is, I don’t even own a car now).
  • Evil Bacteria (18 to 21 Jan) – Went terribly sick a week before my holiday, where my viral fever temperature risen up to 40 degrees.


  • Take-Me-Away (11-Jan) – Dinner at Garden Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid. I had the sinfully-delicious lamb rack.
  • Beautifying (13-Jan) – It became messier so  I had my hair done at a saloon for natural rebonding.
  • New Home – Busy in most weekends for the house inspection checklist and meeting the contractor. Still not knowing when we can move in yet.

My January Favorite Picks:

Jan items

  1. Watsons 4-Way Nail Shaper (shape, smooth, buff, polish)
  2. Keratinology Heat Protection Spray for hair
  3. Starbucks Tumbler from Starbucks, Boracay
  4. Maybelline Diamond-Glow Eye Shadow (in shade Lilac Mauve)
  5. Watsons Olive Body Scrub
  6. Maybelline Magnum Volume Express Mascara
  7. Wood Pellet bedding for my Guinea Pigs (not in picture) – totally eliminates odor and longer lasting than recycled paper pellets, which is great!


While the above is suppose to be on-going and hopefully progressing well enough for the upcoming months, my target during Feb to March 2013 are: (well it’s March now, I know)

  • Monthly Walkathon – more like a brisk walking or jogging, even climbing up the stairs. Yes you could see me put as monthly as this is really hard for me. Somehow I failed to do this in last Jan 2013. But I do walk a lot on the beach in Boracay. Does that count? 😛
  • Blog Updates – Yes, I’m highly encouraging myself for this! I started this blog freshly on the month of Feb 2013, which I find that’s awesome.
  • Create Tumblr – Truth to be told, I seldom Facebooking nowadays as I’ve gotten bored with FB world. Really bored.
  • Book Worms – I’m going to exercise my brain even more by grabbing some books to read during these 2 months.

February reviews? Well, let’s see if March is kind enough for me to have some free time.


“You only live once? False. You live everyday. You only die once. “

Currently Listening: Explosions in the Sky – Glittering Blackness

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