Hungry for Hunger Games!

Work was hectic these few days.

I’m substantially unsure of the reason, but I kind of feeling the lost of motivation to complete all my tasks ahead of time, like how I usually challenged myself. Part of it probably because I haven’t set any time for a good massage; which is why up till now my left shoulder blades and neck felt so strained, and mostly tired, I wish I could just pull them off like pieces of Gundam!

Productivity level equals to zero. Yeap! A BIG FAT ZERO.

Came back home today, wanted to just fondle my laziness by no more than jumping on my bed and shut my eyes. I step into the house and was welcomed by this:



Yayyy! I can’t believe my parcel has reached, and it’s ahead of time! I was expecting it to reach at my doorstep on the next couple of weeks. I have read tons of reviews about The Hunger Games book, and also the movie – most of them were quite excellent reviews. As usual, my nerves of excitement became uncontrollable again. Then I thought to myself, “Hey, rather than buying one, why not buy the whole trilogy series instead?” Oh yeah baby, I love the ‘why not?’ part. Everyone knows life is short, so why not make the greatest out of it? Ended up I bought the whole box set. Blame the ‘why not?’.

I haven’t watched the movie either (gosh I know I am so outdated), in fact I haven’t watch movies for quite some time now. I’m planning to read the first book before jumping straight to the movie. I know the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence was in it. But book comes first. Suzanne Collins comes first.

Alritey you trilogies. I’m going to leave you guys in the neat plastic wrap and will un-box you when April comes. Yes, April. Cause right now I have another book in my hand. So stay wildly safe, and wait for me.

“If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?” – Chuck Palahniuk

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8 thoughts on “Hungry for Hunger Games!

  1. Manda says:

    I’m glad you’re reading the books first! Not that the movie wasn’t good, because it was, but I always try to read the books first too if I can. I hope you like the trilogy as much as I do 😀

    • figurynna says:

      Hello Manda!
      Glad I found someone who’ve read through the series, and a plus point you liked it! Makes me more fascinated! 😀

      You’re absolutely right about the book first, then comes the movie (even though it’ll only take about 2-3 hours for the movie) but it’ll never the same and as detail as the book!

      P/s: You have a beautiful page, the pastel colors reminds me of cupcakes! Yummy! 🙂

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