Things are scattered everywhere? Try Travel and Budget Checklists

Back in 2012 – When I was at mount top of Koh Lanta, Thailand

It’s March 2013 now.

Phew! Time sure flies supersonically fast this year. Likewise, I have plenty of things in plan scattered in my brain – I hope everything will work out well any time soon.

Anyway, in my previous Boracay series, I have mentioned about some of the templates that was created on my own to ease my planning for the trip and also for the expenses tracking. Definitely, it doesn’t look utterly comprehensive; in spite of that I find it handy and simple enough to use, hence I would like to share these with you guys:

Travel Contacts

  • Before stepping to any places, I frequently consolidate all the important contact information – I consider this is necessary in case you find any trouble during your journey. Of course, the first thing you want to avoid is getting lost out of nowhere.
  • In the template above, I noted down some samples of contacts during my trip to Boracay.  I have added the blank template too, so you can edit the info based on your next destination.

Travel Checklist

  • This is my favorite, since I tend to forget and left out some of the important items. This checklist helps a lot during your last-minute packing, or even when you’re rushing to catch the flight and things like that. The best part is, you can reuse the same checklist when you’re planning to go elsewhere too!
  • Note that I added most of my items in this template (eg: toiletries, clothing, etc) – this is just to serve as a simple reference. Not all things are applicable to everyone (some are even my girly stuff too!), so you may simply change it based on your own preferences or just scroll to the last page for the blank template and add your items.
  • My suggestion: Type in all your regular items on this list, then print them out to mark the ‘checked’ items manually with your pen. After that, you can also add any missing item, things you plan to buy, things that are optional, or as a reminder, etc. This is how I make full use of it.

Budget Summary & Travel Expenses

  • These 2 templates are similar to each other; it involves the dollar sign. If you have plenty of cash, I don’t think you need this at all. Lol.
  • Budget Summary – I practically use it to write down all the pre-booking items, estimated amount of cash I need to bring, and others. Basically, you use it to calculate the total you have paid and how much else you need BEFORE you travel.
  • Travel Expenses – I printed out several pages of this and use them every single day DURING my trip. It helps to highlight where your money actually goes (eg: food, transport, gifts, etc) and indirectly, will also aid you to control from overspending. It’s a great sign when you see a balance from the Travel Expenses vs your Budget Summary – that means you have extra cash left!
  • I believe you may also use this not just for your trip, but also for daily financial tracking. Feel free to modify as how you prefer it okay?

Travel Plan / Itinerary

  • Mostly use this template as my travel log or diary which helps me to remember what actually happens on the particular date, where did I go, what did I do, and so on.
  • And of course, in order for me to re-write my trip reviews on this blog, this Travel Plan immediately became my Travel Bible.


Travel the world. On your bed. In your sweatpants.

Okay, that’s all for my straightforward travel templates and guide. If you like any of them, feel free to download, amend it based on your personal preferences, and you can also print it to keep as your reference for your next trip.

If you have any question regarding these templates, or any other creative ideas you wanted to share, feel free to leave your comments or just ping me any time! 🙂

“Sometimes when I’m talking, my words can’t keep up with my thoughts. I wonder why we can think faster than we speak? – Probably so we can think twice.” – Calvin & Hobbes

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