Boracay Okay! (Part 5 & Final) The Scenery.

Amazing sky at Boracay

When you are on the island, you may spend your time exploring all the magnificent beaches of Boracay, which accumulates to 7 KM long – White Beach, Puka (Yapak) Beach, Bulabog Beach, Diwinid Beach, Manoc-Manoc Beach and Balinghai Beach. They were gorgeous white sandy beaches – even with the crowdedness and known as commercially-touristic place, the environment were still clean and well-maintained. The sea is unbelievable stunning, the water is so crystal clear, you can even see your own feet! Simply amazing.

Throughout our days on the island, we had another routine at around 5:15 PM after attaining the activities – We usually searched for a great spot to squad down, tune our cameras and just patiently wait. Waiting for the spectacular sunset. For both of us, this is the best time of the entire trip. And for me, the skies are my greatest affection.

I’m not going to amplify further but sharing with you some of the scenery photos. Sorry guys these shots were taken from my tiny camera; it’s not a DSLR (perhaps some time in the future when I’m financially free, I’ll upgrade), so this as far as I can get:

(click on the photos for larger view)

Ohh by the way, my top webpage banner is also a sunset view in Boracay. I love that shot the most, as the sun sets right in the middle of the sailing boats passing by.

Willy’s Rock


Well guys, that’s pretty much it for my Boracay series this time. I hope you enjoyed reading all of them, and conceivably some of the tips can be a great help for those who plan to visit the island. For the overall trip, herewith I include some additional tips:


Boracay sand art

  • For ease of travelling, bring a universal travel adapter (with USB slots) & portable charger. For all your gadgets (cameras, phones, laptop, etc) only bring their individual USB cables.
  • When you reach Philippines, head down to any stores, and find the local PHI sim card rather than switching your phone to Roaming mode. The sim card only costs about 40 PHP and 100 PHP for reload. Cheaper rates to call your hotel, etc.
  • Boracay Mini Pamphlet

    If your itinerary includes a transit at Clark (Manila) before heading to Boracay, try to avoid taking cabs as the fares are extremely expensive. We reached airport at midnight with extensive luggage, so basically we were left with no other option. Alternatively, try to look for a bus.

  • When you arrive at the Boracay jetty, look for the mini pamphlet. It has basic guidelines for your trip, and the favorable part is, it also include some great deal food coupons.
  • Do spare some extra cash before leaving Philippines. We were lucky enough to have some cash left at the airport – unexpectedly the terminal fee costs us 900 PHP from Philippines. Phew!
  • Spend smart. When shopping for your own, or as souvenirs, this is the time to play your charming skills to bargain with the seller. I managed to bargain up till half of the original retail price in total. That’s just crazy, and maybe lucky too?
  • I would suggest having more cash in hand, as the ATM will become so crowded with long queues and you’ll be disappointed when they ran out of cash. Don’t bring all your cash everywhere you go, especially during activities or at the beach, please keep them in your hotel’s safety box instead.

Boracay sandcastle at night

  • Fairly important – find hotels which are close to a food place or the beach. Some hotels may provide a free shuttle service, but note that it’ll be as per schedule basis. Worst thing if there’s no such service, you’ll have to wait and hire for a tricycle. And of course, it comes with a fare. I only took one trip to Bulabog Beach, and the rest of the days, I’ll just walk – free of charge, flexible to go anywhere at any time, and indirectly, you’re exercising.
  • If your package provides any coupon for food, or even those discounted vouchers, keep them until almost at the end of your trip. By that time, you’ll run out most of your cash and these are your life-savers.
  • If by any chance you use your credit card to pay for the hotel upon checkout, don’t just leave it hanging there. When you reach your own country, convert this transaction into an easy payment plan (based on your bank’s T&C), thus the interest rate will be much lower.
  • And lastly, scan your Passport and Identity Card, save them into your email. This will serve as a reference if, by accident, you lost your passport. Seriously, shit can happen anywhere.

And as promised, here goes my summary of our budget (2 people) for the entire 9 Days 8 Nights trip at Manila & Boracay, approximately listed as below:

Boracay Budget

On another side note, I also prepared on my own, several simple travelling templates and guides. I will share these on my next post for your reference.

And finally, I’m leaving you guys with this awesome capture from Yuji. You may explore some of the stunning landscape shoots through his lens at his gallery.

Boracay Sunset (Click on the photo for larger view)

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