Boracay Okay (Part 4) – The Food.

After you have burned out your energy for all the thrilling excitement of activities, by all means you would want to replenish your energy and refill your hunger. On the island, I was overwhelmed by so many restaurants and coffee house; I wish I could try them all! (I get hungry easily most of the time, if you aren’t familiar about this, you may glimpse at my profile on the right sidebar).

Literally, food wise, I don’t have any special recommendations and it’s also pretty much depending on individual’s preferences. Nonetheless, I will be sharing with you guys several dishes that we had during our 8 days stay, and highlighting some of which I personally thinks, tasted awesome.

On Thurs, 24-Jan-13, we decided not to sign up for any activities, hence it’s a free time for us to explore the island. We prefer to go on foot mostly, so on that particular bright, sunny day, we walked through the street towards D’Mall in Station 2, where you may find most restaurants, souvenirs and clothing shops around here. After aimlessly gazed through D’Mall, we came across this attractive restaurant – ‘The Backyard BBQ’.

What captured my attention from the very beginning were the aesthetic, artistic walls with all the nifty signs:

I’m the Queen of the Grill!

We didn’t hesitate much and stepped right in to the restaurant, ordered some food from their menu, and were incredibly satisfied that we’ve made the perfect selection – their cuisine was exquisitely delicious!

Cheesily-buttered linguine pasta with prawns

Double beef burger with fresh salads

So corny – Corns dipped in icy creams with cornflakes

On Sunday 27-Jan-13 (after 6 days on the island), we started to delve into our wallet to see what was left for us. Occasionally, when we visit to some places (especially those that we’ve never been to), we will reward ourselves with a much more expensive, romantic kind of dinner. That breezy night became fantastic news for us – we found out we had extra cash left! Therefore without much uncertainty, we walked through the beach to look for some wonderful place to eat for dinner.

Ultimately after few spots observed, we stopped by at ‘The Gasthof’ and ordered ourselves a huge lobster. We first had to choose our desired raw lobster from the frozen station, and then weigh it to calculate the costs per gram.

Seems like an ocean kind of lobster to me, not those ordinary ones

The restaurant staff recommended the best cooking style for that lobster – grill it with butter and garlic. We didn’t think too much and immediately agreed, as we were drooling all over, even hearing about it. We had our luscious lobster that night, facing the enchanting sea. After cooked, this is how it looks:

Are you okay so far? Or are you looking for something to munch now? 😀 I’m posting more tantalizing food that we had on the island below, not much words to say about them, just letting the photo speaks for itself:

Tuna belly at Obama Grill Restaurant

Bolognese minced beef and cheese spaghetti with toasted bread

Shrimp rolls with tartar & chilli sauce

Lamb skewer at Zuzuni Restaurant

Chocolate sin – choc lava cake with vanilla ice cream

Kare kare – Local Philippines food

Tropical fruit shakes (my fav!)

Grilled prawns with white rice and lemon dip

Eventually, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my Boracay series so far. If you’ve been to the island, do share with me your experiences with the food, I’m ‘hungry’ to read them!  Ha-ha! As usual, some tips for you when dining on the island:

  • Beachfront restaurants will be more expensive, and easily dries up your wallet. Walk further away from the beach, you’ll find several affordable places to eat and even tasted better too!
  • If you plan to dine for a romantic, nice dinner, try survey during the first few days, and reserve them until almost the end of your trip. By doing so, you’ll certainly feel more abundant of satisfaction and rewarding moment
  • For those of you who have voracious appetite like me, I would suggest to spare some food in your hotel room. Snacks didn’t help much for my monstrous stomach, so I usually reserve some bread, just in case. It’s not easy to find pastries on the island (which I find it weird too) but you can head down to D’Mall – walk until to the end lot of the mall, where you’ll find some colorful-dolled-up-human (I’m not kidding!). Head down towards some branded clothing shop lots and besides a crowded mart, you’ll find yourself a bread stall which has varieties of bread and will only cost you 5 to 7 pesos each. Super cheap, so buy tons of them!
  • Part of my hotel package: Included 12 drink coupons, dinner coupon and breakfast provided every day – So, I make full use of these (even if you’re not a morning person, just get up, feast on the free breakfast and jump right back on the bed!)

On my next series, I will be sharing the breathtaking scenery of the island, as promised. So stay tuned and thanks for reading! 🙂

“Sleep on the floor if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.” – Anthony Bourdain

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