Boracay Okay! (Part 3) – The Fun & Activities.

Boracay sand castle

When you land on Boracay, most people spent their days enjoying the spectacular scenery of the island. I love to save the best for the last, so I’ll definitely share the stunning views in my final Boracay episodes with you guys (I promise!).

I believe you’ve read through the previous stories about the hassle and the activity itinerary, well that’s pretty much what we did over the 8 days. On Wed, 23-Jan-13, both of us fell sick and somewhat have to stay in the hotel room that morning (I know, it’s a bummer when you’re sick during your holiday!). Before I flew to PHI, I had been sick for a week, where my fever spikes up every single day until it reaches 40 degrees! Terribly, it didn’t go off until the night we were supposed to fly. I went to consult with the doctor again asking if I’m allowed to travel (you know you would do anything just to get on that plane!). So I played my innocent face with the innocent-wide-eyes, begging the doctor to help me sort out the disaster. I was prescribed with several antiviral medications for the trip and gotten the approval to travel in a safe condition. Despite the super-high fever, I was glad when I heard the word “Yes, you can” from the doctor’s mouth.

After almost 16 hours of sleep, we get our weak body off for the sunset paraw sailing at late eve, about 5:00 PM (remember the time zone change thingy?). I didn’t manage to capture the view during my ride on the paraw sailboat, since I left my non-waterproof camera with the hotel staff, afraid it’ll be splashed by the waves & drop off into the sea.

Getting ready for our sunset cruise, as you may see the sailboat behind us

Our ride for the land tour

On Fri, 25-Jan-13 we left the White Beach and strikes out for the land tour. The hotel staff, Ric was an amazing tour guide where he brought us to the northern tip of the island. We stopped over for about half an hour at Puka Beach, where the sand is so much smoother and spilled with powdery softness all over. The waves were also rougher and larger around here.

The beach is a strategic spot for picnic and relaxing since there were lesser crowd and indeed considerably peaceful. Since Puka beach is also known for the entirety and originality of Puka shells, I ended up buying some souvenirs there too.

The calmness of Puka Beach

The calmness of Puka Beach (Click on photo for larger view)

Later on that day, we drained all our energy by climbing over Mount Luho, the highest peak on Boracay Island. With our short breaths reaching the peak, we were eventually rewarded with fantastic panoramic view of the entire Boracay Island. During your walk, you would also be passing by more or less a mini zoo (I love seeing bear cats) before winding up at the mount top.

The view from the peak of Mount Luho (Click on photo for larger view)

We rode our ass off on the banana boat on Sat, 26-Jan-13 with 2 other travelers, whirling over across the sea. Our boat driver was racing like a pro with the other banana boats nearby.  We were screaming out loud. And laughing like mad. And screaming and laughing again till we almost lost our mind throughout the ride. It was definitely a blast!

Apart from all the hotel package activities, I stumbled upon an interesting thing that I’ve never done before in my entire life during my evening walk at the White Beach. We signed up for the helmet diving on the same beautiful Saturday and were extremely excited for this.

The helmet diving is certainly my highlight, where:

  • You don’t need to know how to swim or any other skill for that matter
  • You don’t need a diving license or a class, so I guess that’s a fun stuff for everyone

We were taken by a speed boat from White Beach until the middle of the sea, where the waters were all bumpy. Once you’ve reached and stepped your foot on the readily-built raft (again, in the middle of the sea), you’ll be informed about what you should do, some safety advice and you’ll also be taught of the sign languages. No, you can’t talk when you are deep down under the sea, so during this briefing I started to feel a bit nervous as if, that’s the end of my life (no kidding!)

My helmet was smaller in size, but weighs 20 kg (that’s really not a good weight to be putting on your head – it’s metal and damn heavy!) What you need to do basically is:

  1. To climb down the ladder, one step at a time until your feet reaches at the bottom of the sea. I have short legs so I find it difficult at first. Lol!
  2. Once the water reaches your nose level, your ear will start to feel slight pain, but you don’t need to be panic as this is due to the changes in atmospheric pressure
  3. When you start feeling like you can’t hear anything, you should keep continue: Swallowing your saliva. Or clucking your jaw. Or you can try yawning, or hold your nose and blow the air out of your ear. Whichever helps to equalize the pressure
  4. Try balancing the helmet to avoid waters to flow into your helmet. By the time you reach underwater, your helmet will only feels about 2 kg
  5. Remember all the sign languages too, in case you find any trouble. And at the bottom, there’ll be a diver waiting for you, so you got nothing to worry there

Who says you can’t be an astronaut?

Once you’ve finally reached at the bottom of the sea, the first thing you’ll feel is – you’re living in another world, where it’s a close-up view of underwater life. You will be stunned by all the dazzling corals all around you, and colorful fishes swimming all across your body. I was so speechless, (of course you can’t talk), and intimidated by the remarkable creation of God. Trust me; this is one of those feeling you won’t easily get in your life.

(Watch my Helmet Diving video footage and tell me if you can notice the big blue-orangiey fish snapping the bread from my hand!)

We had another activity on our package, which was the in-room massage. We chose for it to be on our second last day, and obviously, in-room massage doesn’t sound interesting at all to me. We’ve requested the masseuse to provide their massages on the rooftop! (Yes, remember I told you that our hotel has the awesome roof deck?) The massage was hell-yeah amazing, my body felt so much lighter after that, but the best part altogether was – in such a relaxing moment, we enjoyed the stunning view of the sky with amazing moonlight and shining stars – just right above us. (no better words to describe that feeling).

That’s pretty much what I wanted to share with you guys, sorry for the length story (told you earlier it’ll be lengthy 🙂).

The eagle is so beautiful!

Anyway, some short tips if you are planning to try out the activities:

  • If you have a lesser day of trip, try to slot in at least 2 activities a day. The sunset activities are a must!
  • An amazing couple from Vietnam suggested to me that you can get a better deal (in terms of charges) if you book directly at the activity booth instead of booking through the hotel – Thanks for the tips you both! 
  • Try to get yourself a waterproof camera if you can, else you can purchase those waterproof case for your camera or phone
  • Bring your water bottle everywhere you go – the weather can be humid at certain hour and you would want to save your money from buying drinks each time, and avoid the dehydration
  • If you plan to pamper yourself with a massage, keep it until the end of your trip. By that time, your body will be aching at every single spot, so this is the best time to have the experts to fix the pain!

Other tips: I didn’t manage to try these, but I would suggest you guys should also check out the Kite Boarding at Bulabog Beach and the Ariel’s Cliff Diving:

On my next thread, I’ll be sharing some of the mouth-watering food I had on the island. Please be warned to fill in your stomach before reading the next post, or else expect to be drooling all over! 🙂

“The happiest people do not have the best of everything, they simply make the best of everything”. – Karen S.

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Disclaimer: photos above were taken by my tiny, sony digicam (except for helmet diving photo and video)

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  1. ainsley19 says:

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