Boracay Okay! (Part 2) – The Accommodation.

Loving the PHI newspaper’s tagline – Truth Shall Prevail

We stepped in to our hotel on Tues, 22-Jan-13 late evening, about 6:30 PM after our extensively tiresome journey. The scenery was dark during this hour, where we didn’t perceive before long that the sun sets at around 5:30 PM on the island. What we also didn’t realize exactly, that was the actual hour where most people started to look around to fill in their stomach for dinner. I certainly had some trouble getting used to the time zone changes in the beginning.

We were greeted by Janet, the second pleasant people I’ve met. The first was the hotel’s driver who’ve helped us tremendously all our way from Caticlan Jetty to the hotel – He helped us carried all our overweight backpacks, paid all the fares, got all our tickets, and drove us through congested streets in the island (passing by Station 3, Station 2 then Station 1) heading towards Boracay Beach Club Hotel. Yeap, that’s the place we stay!

Upon our checked-in, we were given these:

  • Key Room 203 (yes, that’s second floor)
  • Welcome drinks
  • Cold hand towels
  • Drinks and dinner coupons
  • Beach towel tags

Mainly also for the reason that we have pre-booked the hotel’s package:

(We’ve added another night for our 8D/7N stay)

From the bar lounge, we walked to our room, passing by the pool and lobby on another block (with our eyes wide open inquisitively spotting around).

The hotel & poolside

The bar lounge area & surroundings:

BBC signboard and busy streets

With the environment were light up by dim romantic lights that night, we somehow or another felt relief and glad that the hotel room is moderate but clean. Just to emphasize again, we did not carry even a single luggage in our hands right until in front of our bed. (All are done by the staff and seriously, we do felt as we in we were being treated like Victoria & David Beckham!). Our room was on second floor, and oh! Please be aware that you need to climb the staircase (good exercise I guess!). We gulp our welcome drinks in our room while still feeling awkwardly stunned by the service – what more could you asked for?

Inside our hotel room:

We were starving to death (especially me!) and head down to their beachfront bar (Ariel’s House) at about 7:45 PM and had our dinner. Please also be alert that it is not entirely a beachfront hotel; you need to cross over on the other side, passing by the street to get your feet on the beach (it’ll take you 2 minutes to do so). We didn’t explore the island on our first exhausting night, but ended up hanging around at the hotel’s rooftop, enjoying the cold night breeze (yes, they have a roof deck where you can hangout, read your novels or stuff like that). You can also lounge around at the bar, or simply lazying on their couches at their mini library and flip over some magazines.  Or ask for the wifi password and browse the net in your room.

Oh and I forgot to mention, we were also been given this itinerary as part of the package, so these were basically some of the things that we’ve engaged during our next few days on the island:

iterinaryOn the whole I can say the plus points were:

  • The great transfer service and friendly staff
  • The strategic location – located in Station 1 and not too close to the late noise coming from the pub and bar; also only few footsteps away to Station 2 and White Beach, where you can get all the food, things and excitement
  • Beachfront bar –  where you can be mesmerize with the stunning sunset view, enjoy your drinks, have your food or meet new people, right exactly on the beach
  • Comfortable bed with hot shower, safety deposit box and breakfast included. Also excellent housekeeping service
  • Safety –  security guard in front of the hotel and beachfront bar
  • Value for money

Beachfront bar lounge

My fav from the Hotel Menu: Salmon Grill & Tropical Fruit Shakes

Short tips if you plan to stay at the hotel:

  • If you don’t mind with the staircase, try grab a room at the upper level, so you won’t hear much noise when people passing by at the lobby area or at the poolside
  • Get their packages for pleasant, less difficulties airport transfer (you surely would not want to deal with all of these things by yourself)
  • Have your dinner early at the hotel as they’ll close by 10:00 PM. Otherwise you can walk to Station 2, as many restaurants there opens till late night

In my next post, I’ll be sharing more photos and some short stories on the activities. Further updates are on their way so hang on there guys! 🙂

“People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Currently Listening: A Fine Frenzy – Lifesize

*Disclaimer: Photos were captured by me & all comments above were based on my own opinion, & not being sponsored by the hotel or whatsoever. If you’re interested to know more, you can check out other traveler’s reviews.

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