Boracay Okay! (Part 1) – The Transportation.

Many were asking for my humble review on my recent trip to Boracay, Philippines. Since it’ll be a lengthy story altogether, so I considered segregating my entries partially (you may refer to the title).

Here the story goes.

It was a fabulous 9 days trip. Good and bad. But mostly amazing. Our journey began on Mon, 21-Jan-13 at 9:20 PM from Kuala Lumpur (Ooh well! This was a last-minute time changes announced by Air Asia).

I don’t know what is ‘Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas’. So I lied.

Despite the 1 hour delay, body-achingly 4 hours flight and ruined bag pack at the PHI airport’s baggage claim point, we finally arrived at Clark International Airport (DMIA) in Manila at approx 1:30 AM. We settled down that night checking in at Tune Hotel, Angeles City at 2:30 AM. I’ve decided to choose this hotel mainly because of the low price & due to our short overnight stay before continuing our journey (Shocking: The cab fare from the airport to our hotel costs us 500 pesos at about 6 km distance sweats!)



We’ve had mostly awful experience on our first day. Recommencing our journey the day after (Tues, 22-Jan-13), we left our hotel to catch another connecting flight to Kalibo. No, they don’t have any direct flight to the island (unless you have plenty of cash you can fly by a private jet), so you have to twist your brain to be fully prepared for the transportation hassle and spare a day for the journey:


Above are the relatively hours and transportation we took for the entire trip to reach Boracay. Nevertheless the exhaustion, we were lucky enough to have pre-booked the airport transfer (Kalibo to Boracay) as part of our hotel package, considering lesser difficulties when there’s someone waiting for you at the airport and jetty. We received the warmest, friendliest welcome by the hotel staff and the breathtakingly amazing scenery of Boracay island.

In my next post, I will share concisely about the hotel, food, scenery and the activities. Also my travel checklists and budget summary. So, stay tuned guys! 🙂

*Note: For estimated costs and downloadable guide/map, you may refer to this website. For airport transfer to Boracay, you may checkout this page.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Laozi

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