A Not-So Fresh Start

Okay, here I am back again into the blogging world. I believe most of you (or should I say some of you) realize that this similar thing happens years ago, where I have another long-lost blog. I have to take this opportunity to express my trillion gazillion apologies to my long-lost subscribers and thanks to all of you too, you awesome supporters! I hope you guys come back this time. For real.  And for good.

For the first post of Year 2013, I’m going to ……………

Sigh. There you go with the long pause & mind came in blank again. Those creative ideas will float during odd times: When you suppose to shut your eyes at 2AM, during my shower, before menstrual comes, boring conversations, in the car when it moves, during office meeting Blaghh!.

Constantly, I wanted to have that vibe of inspiration again, every time I wrote something, regardless typing on the keyboard, or phone screen or scribble on some papers (usually the old-fashioned way – scribbling & even sketching!). Speaking of scribbles, this habit is originated from another addiction where I’m obsessed with notebooks (in types of paper-based journals, diary, organizer, notepad & not some techie gadgets). Since people often identified me as the-opposite-of-timid type, I’ve too many words and the inner voice dialogue in my head; somehow I seldom throw all of these words into my collectible tons of empty notebooks – Bad habits or in better words, behavioral disorders.

Returning to the original point of the topic.

Let’s try to hit the refresh button to our lives. Fundamentally, in order for me to scrape off the dreadful habit, I shall magnify this under my New Year’s resolution manifest. Well, I hate to call it as a resolution because you’ll tend to get extreme excitement in the first few months (or days), and then…poof! It falls back down into the deepest hole where you start digging in the first place. I changed the common way and turning this list into some sort of new hobby, which will later on motivates you to continue your journey and making some new moves without changing yourself in person.  You won’t feel committed like you’re committed to your job. It’ll happen naturally along the way, and you pretty much sense satisfaction in between. In the end, it’ll make you mind-blowing inspired – as I like to hail for it as Grow with the Flow, instead of ‘go’.

Enough with the rambling for now. Come aboard with me and see my manifesto in 2013 (captured from my iPhone on 18-Dec-2012):


Yes, I perceived it’s a looong, detail,”‘you think so?” list. I’m completely aware I won’t be able to accomplish all, and that’s not my intention too. Nah, I’m not going to cross out the entire list above (even if I manage to, then that’ll be an extraordinary & should be celebrated with vacation all year), however I considered this list as:

  • A memento of my plan-to-do-next. It may or may not carry on towards next year, but at best I have a sketch in hand
  • A project to review my list every month this year
  • To share, exchange the tips & trick on how to tackle it

Remember – Life is all about making progress and not about perfection.

Now, let’s take a glance at my 2012 New Year Resolution (yes, I called it a New Year resolution previously with big caps and my spirit sparkles like fireworks):

2012 Revise

See how simple & ambitious it is? Simple, however too painfully to settle all.

Which makes it why I make over this year’s list. In actual fact, they are just smaller cut of pie which will then became tiny habits and tells you to take one step at a time. Small changes are more effective than a massive change in one go.

What you should perceive basically is:

Organize your thoughts. Plan your behavior. Control your expectations.

Signing out for now and leaving you beautifully-hearted readers with this quote: (although I don’t think anyone would read this blog either)

“We have to keep reinventing ourselves, almost every minute because the world can change in an instant. And there’s no time for looking back. Sometimes the changes are forced on us. Sometimes they happen by accident and we make the most of them. We have to constantly come up with new ways to fix ourselves. So we change, we adapt. We create new versions of ourselves. We just need to be sure that this one is an improvement over the last.” – Grey’s Anatomy

Happy New Year. May your journey be wonderful.

Currently listening: Jack Johnson – Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

(Late publishing, actual post created: 2 Jan 2013)

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